Blue Fire

Blue Fire

There is just something about this Blue Dragon, that makes Him a favorite!

Check Out This Year’s Dragons

Dawn of War
This is the cover for a new short story;

Dragons Revisited!


Keep Me Warm Big Guy…

My what big eyes you have. And oh my you have even bigger teeth.

Dragons for April & May

Hummm, have fallen down on Dragon Tales this past month.



Dragon Books I’ve Read Since Last Post

I have been just too busy for my own good. Here is a list of the Dragon Books I’ve read or listened to over the last six months.

In no particular order:

Mark of the Mage; 5 Stars

Slathbog’s Gold; 5 Stars

Dragon Killer; 5 Stars

Fool and the Dragonox; 5 Stars

Beyond This Point There Be Dragons; 5 Stars

Dragon’s Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar);5 Stars

Venom of the Serpent’s Cunning;5 Stars

Dragon's Curse Dragon Defender 10 19 13 Dragons Don't Cry 03 31 14 Fire of the Dragon 04 21 13 The Dragon in the Driveway The Fool and the Dragonox 02 26 14 6 1 2 3 4 5


October Dragons

Some months I go crazy for Dragons:




Author’s first is very promising entry into Dragon worlds. Review to follow soon.