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Did God or cavemen invent dragons?

God you say, I say yes they are in the Bible. But what about caveman? He saw lots of dinos to be sure, flying dino, swimming dino, running (or should I say stomping) dino. But none of them were ‘fire breathing’ dinos, nor did they have scales. What do you think the source of the dino is? Did the dino or the egg come first?

Dragon Egg

Behold the Dragon!


Who is your favorite Dragon?

The Fearful Dragon of the Hobbit

Smoog: The Fearful Dragon of the Hobbit

Who is your favorite Dragon? Mine is “Smoog” from the Hobbit, he was greedy and sneeky and all for himself. Tell me about yours, include a image if possible.

Blessings, Bill






Dirty Little Secret

I read children’s picture books! I’m hooked, its a fun quick read “most of the time”. From Zero to Hero, some are stupid even for a three year old. Others almost bring a tear to my eye. My pledge: “I am hooked on CPB, and I have only lasted 4 days at the longest before I fell to temptation.”

My Little Pet Dragon Picture Book

A real Dragon picture book! Yes I even read children’s picture books on dragons. Oh, sob I am hopeless.