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Air Dragon

This one is not hard to guess. An Air Dragon, is a flying Dragon and king of the air. But what other traits does this Dragon have?


Fire Dragon

Why is it that more than any other feature of a dragon fire is at the top? Is it because fire does the most damage? Is it something else?

Water Dragons & Sea Serpents

A major class of Dragons, these wet Dragons have played a role in many lives. What are your thoughts about these Dragons? Below was the inspiration for my Water Dragon tale.



Wyverns are they two legged Dragons with wings or a sub spices?

The Dragon Muse


I am Bill Tillman and I love to write Historical YA. One of histories greatest mysteries is why people have been attracted to Dragons. To me they are fun, fascinating and formidable to read about or watch. You might notice that I write Historical YA and not Fantasy in some form, that is because I enjoy Dragons that have a historical background. There are so very many that I do not have to invent a new kind of Dragon to write about or include in a tale I am working on.

What do you think? Why do you like Dragons?